Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oregon Vacation--Days 5,6, & 7

I so appreciate you all following these posts to see the fun we had in Oregon! Definitely a great place to vacation! I am combining the last three days---simply because I have a photo shoot coming up :).  I hope that you enjoy these.

This is Smith Rock.  It really reminded us of Colorado.  Lots of hiking and rock climbing that you could do here...but we were on a mission, and then we saw this sign...

Not being a fan of snakes, we got back in the car and headed north to Mt. Hood.

Just amazing!!! It was a little strange seeing all of the snow in the middle of summer.

Gearing up for a snowball fight!

And the first one is the three of us!

Love those boys!!

Our final stop of any length was Hood River.  It's a neat town nestled on the Columbia River.  Fun restaurants, interesting shops, and wind surfing! We didn't try it on this trip.  We went another route...

When we started out, Craig and I were on one jet ski and the boys were on another.  After hitting wave after wave, I had enjoyed all that I cared to.  So, mama was dropped off at the dock to get my camera.  Then the wildness began! No details on a public blog :).

Gorgeous blueberry bushes were everywhere! The dog dug up our bushes, so....I just buy them at the grocery store now :).

Our hotel was on the other side of the river with Mt. Hood behind us.  After going over the bridge into Washington state, we saw the view from this angle. Amazing!

After driving for hours to see Mt. St. Helens (we only made it to the base!), we took a few pics and turned around to meet up with friends.  Lindsay is another Noonday Collection ambassador with me.  She and her family invited us to go sailing and then to dinner before catching the late night flight back to SC.  We loved this opportunity to get to know them.  And, the boys learned a little bit about sailing!

What a gorgeous view from the river!

Dinner on the river and watching the sun set with family and friends.  A great way to end our vacation.

Sweet blessings,


sister sheri said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like an amazing trip, for sure!

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