Monday, January 16, 2012

Beauty of Winter

Most of the photographs that I take are outdoors....I simply love the beauty of natural lighting.  Then comes the cold and bitter of winter.  Granted, those of us in the south have it pretty easy compared to our northern neighbors!  I can be encouraged to grab my camera and head outdoors....if only for a little while to capture a southern winter.  No snow or ice---at least not yet!  Just the cold and damp that seeps into your hands and feet.

After Christmas, my sweet husband wanted to show me one of their bike rides and end it with a stop at a cool little cafe in Saluda, NC.  As we wound around and around the curves headed up a mountain, I was thankful that I am just a runner! I applaud you cyclists! Y'all are brave--but crazy--people!  We stopped and took pictures and enjoyed God's beauty in the quiet of that cold day.

Last week, I was having lunch downtown with some friends.  There was a gorgeous canvas wall hanging of a bridge in the restaurant.  I leaned over to my friend sitting beside me and said, "That reminds me of the bridge that I took pictures of after Christmas."  She looked at me and said that it was on the Bakery Ride.  As I relayed that info to my hubby, he just smiled, and agreed with my friend.   He is going to have one of the photos below made into a canvas for his office.  It won't be a wall hanging as large as the one at Two Chefs restaurant...promise!  If any of you are interested in a photo or a canvas, just let me know!

My sweet husband!

Sweet blessings,
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