Monday, July 16, 2012

Noonday Collection Homeline Goodies!

Saturday afternoon, a big 'ol package was sitting on my front porch just waiting to be opened! The label was Noonday Collection, and I just felt like doing a happy dance!  As I dragged the box inside the house, I couldn't wait to tear into it and see what goodies I had received as samples for the new home and gift items!  Our amazing founder, Jessica, has located some wonderful new items to add to our expanding catalog.  Here's a peek at some of the items.

Our Noonday customers put a group of women through sewing school in Rwanda and this is part of their first collection--a darling ipad cover, note cards from India, a handmade Nahuala oval tray from Guatemala, and adorable dish towels from India.

In the background are handmade journals from India--love these! And, in the foreground are some of the cutest stuffed animals I have ever seen!! They are handmade in the Guatemalan highlands from wool. No two are exactly alike. Don't you just "heart" these??? 

More journals and note cards--great gift giving ideas! Up front is an absolutely gorgeous set of three trays made by a family operated carpentry shop in Guatemala. Adds a rustic touch to any room. Their use is as versatile as your imagination! The man who makes the trays is a passionate musician and has shared that passion with his children.

Take a look at these beautiful nesting bowls! Each bowl takes up to 4 hours to make by hand. They are created out of recycled magazines by a craft project in South Africa that focuses on the needs of HIV+ women and their children. Their services aim to ease the burden of HIV by enabling people living with the virus to respond positively and attain the skills to develop their own coping strategies.

And, look! The sweet lady who created this bowl signed it! Love the fact that these women take pride in their work, and it is shared with us.

So, there you go! These new items are just beautiful--pictures really don't do them justice (and I am saying that as a photographer!). I would love to show these items and all of my jewelry, shoes, scarves, etc. to you and your friends at a trunk show.  You can always order online, but the trunk shows are sooo much fun! Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek!!

Sweet blessings,
© Susan Hood Photography
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