Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oregon Vacation--Day 3

Been missing in action for a week due to a computer virus. Sooo thankful that none of my pictures were lost. The third day of our vacation began at Sandmaster Park in Florence.  We could have stayed there all day! The boys loved the sand boarding...they were completely worn out by the end of the day. The pictures do not do justice to the height of the dunes. What we have along the coast of SC is nothing compared to these 100 foot plus dunes. I would climb halfway up just to get a closer view of them.  They really did a great job mastering this sport....even though the wipe-out pics are the best ones!!

Please note that Dad did look over his shoulder to make sure that Child #2 was not seriously injured, but that he continued up the dune for his ride!! (I did not include pics of that, but trust me, it was quite entertaining!)

Child #1 also joins in the cool wipe-outs!

I had to leave you with one more!

After we left Florence, we drove to Eugene--home of the University of Oregon.  The track that we are in front of is where the 2012 Olympic Trials were held the month before. Such a beautiful campus!

Steve PreFonatine, an amazing runner in the 1970's, went to Oregon and was coached under Bill Bowerman--co-founder of Nike.

After leaving Eugene, we continued east to Bend. This was one of the lava flows that we drove by with the peaks of Sisters Mountains in the background. Snow---in July!!

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sister sheri said...

Beautiful photos! And such memories!

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