Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Noonday Collection--Summer Fun!

Between  dodging the rain and road trips, I was finally able to connect with my sweet friend to model some of our gorgeous spring/summer pieces! Y'all, meet my friend, Sally...

I just love this girl and her family. Can you tell that she likes to have fun?  Sally and her mom chose pieces of Noonday for Sally to wear that they want to add to their collection.  I have some beautiful pictures for you all to see and please note that they are straight out of the camera...no edits at all (except for the Jeep picture!)

We have some fabulous hostess specials for July and August if you are interested in hosting a show. You can find all of that information at my website.  If you would simply like to order any of the pieces Sally is wearing, go there and make sure to click on my name on the dropdown option. Let me know if you have any questions. Fall line will be coming out in September. Thanks so much for supporting women and children who are in vulnerable situations during this time in their lives. You CAN make a difference for these moms in third world countries by supporting Noonday collection.

Sweet blessings,


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